We Tutor Children in Canberra – Helping Kids Feel Like Champions!

We’ll tutor your child who may feel stuck, low in confidence, with poor self-esteem and low motivation…
We’ll transform your child into a happier, more confident, optimistic kid, proud to look in the mirror!

Discouraged at school?  Facing homework battles? Low confidence?  

Big Improvements Tutoring help kids unlock the champion within!  It’s amazing!
Children quickly develop more self-confidence when they feel valued, encouraged and supported.

We’re Tutoring Canberra’s Children (K-12)

Kindergarten to Year 12… We LOVE making life and school easier for children in Canberra. You’ll love how conveniently located we are too… at Gungahlin, Kambah, Kaleen, Woden and Dickson.

How we help your child love their tutoring

1 or 2 students with a tutor – your child feels valued
No worksheets – we make it fun
Always enjoy a catch-up lesson when your child is sick.
Build your child’s confidence and self-esteem
Your child will become more motivated at school

Parents love what they see

Since our son has been going to Big Improvements Tutoring, he is enjoying his learning more. He is looking forward to his lessons and his confidence has improved a lot.
- Mother of a 12 year old
I cannot speak more highly of Michael and his team. They have given my two boys back their confidence and self-esteem by teaching them all the things that were missed at school. Thanks!
- T.D
Big Improvements has increased my children’s confidence, Math and English skills. They now enjoy going to school and are keeping up with the rest of their class.
- Delighted Mum
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Meet Our Amazing Tutors

We love to tutor Canberra children… Tutoring in English, Maths, and whatever else they need.

<h3>Michael Clark</h3>

Michael Clark


I love seeing children succeed and I’m here to make a difference.



‘I find tutoring to be really rewarding, particularly when a student has an ‘ah ha’ moment about their studies.’
<h3>Sam B</h3>

Sam B


‘It’s always possible for kids to get their confidence back and to view themselves more positively!’



‘Seeing the kids believe in themselves and get more confidence is such a joy! I love being part of this.’



‘I love our tutoring and I love helping kids. It’s just so exciting to see them believe in themselves!’



‘I love coming to tutoring. It is so much fun for the kids, and I’m so proud of them.’



‘Children often feel stupid when they just need a few things explained to them. No child deserves to feel stupid, and I love seeing kids get back on track.’
See More Tutors Who Love To Help…

Caring, Fun Tutors in Maths & English

We deliberately create a caring, fun atmosphere for your child for Maths, English and more.  Best of all, your child will develop confidence that they can use at school when they find Maths and English easier.