Is your child struggling with Maths or English?

Does your child need a helping hand with their schoolwork? Our one-on-one tutoring will not only boost their skills but bolster their self-confidence and spark greater success at school - even as they reach adulthood.

Unlike most tutoring companies, our experienced, dedicated tutors won't be swamped by groups of students; instead, they work closely with just two pupils at our learning centres and one-on-one online to ensure individualised care every step of the way.

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Big Improvements Tutors in Sydney & Canberra

We believe every child has the potential to thrive at school!

Give your child the best chance to unlock their potential! Our tailor-made tutoring program equips them with vital skills and abilities, providing a solid foundation for academic success.

We fill in knowledge gaps that could limit progress while teaching critical problem-solving techniques – arming young minds with an invaluable toolbox of proficiency, all set to excel now and long into the future.

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How will we support your child?

Struggling with maths and English or any other subject at school can put a real strain on students. Big Improvements is here to help! Our in-person tutoring service located in our Canberra learning centres or online sessions guarantees that your child will develop their skillset quickly.

From the basics of multiplication all the way up to complex algebra equations and persuasive essay writing techniques – we cover it all! Let us help guide them down a path towards academic success today.

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Maths and English Tutoring
Fun Learning at Big Improvements

When it comes to learning, every child is unique and has individual needs.

That's why we believe in creating a happy environment that fosters true excitement for the process of education! We understand how intimidating one-on-one tutoring can be - so our lessons are conducted with small pairs who benefit from personalized attention without too much pressure.

Our passionate instructors develop customized strategies catering specifically to each student’s needs as they journey through their course material - providing helpful guidance when required while also allowing enough time and space and encouraging independent problem-solving opportunities at all stages.


 Individual attention and support

Each child receives individual attention and support.

Learning with a new friend

Learning with a new friend (takes the pressure off)

 Tutoring in pairs

No big groups - we only tutor in pairs ensuring personal attention

No worksheets or computers

No worksheets or computers

Homework help

We encourage your child to bring in their school assignments & get real help and school tests.

Build Confidence

We work on building your child's confidence in every session.

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Big Improvements Tutoring
Big Improvements Tutoring
Big Improvements Tutoring

Our tutoring helps primary and high school kids get ‘back on track’ in Maths, English and other subjects.
We’ve tutored 4500+ children in Canberra and around Australia online … and we’d love to meet you!

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