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Friendly. Interactive. Personalized. Seeing your child smile makes it so worthwhile.

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No more fighting with your
child about every assignment

We’ll help your child get their assignments and homework done. No worries

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Are you looking for someone
who understands your child?

Your child is unique. Learn why most mainstream tutoring is not the best answer for kids who are struggling.

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We make school feel easier and
boost self-confidence

If your child feels stuck, overwhelmed, or low in confidence, we’re here to help. Big Improvements Tutoring supports your child to be happier, motivated and more confident at school. With personalised tutoring, school marks can start to improve and kids can get the most out of school!

Your child’s worth and value are not determined by their school report card! If your child has ‘gaps’ in their English or Maths skills, we’ll help your child catch up so school can feel easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

How do we help your
child get “back on track”?

First, we sit down with you and your child and together we work out what your child is good at, and what skills they need a helping hand with. Together with parents and their child, we create a fun, individualized plan for helping fill each of the ‘gaps’ in your child’s learning.

Each week, your child grows in confidence and self-esteem as we give your child the personalised tutoring attention they deserve so their skills can improve. No extra homework. No worksheets. No pressure.

We make learning fun and motivating!

 We’re Soooooooo Different

(Yes, you’ve finally found the help you need)

Yes, we are different and that is a great thing. As a parent, trust your intuition. What your child needs is probably very different from what someone else’s child needs. This is what parents are telling us about how we compare to other tutoring places…

🙁 Most Other Tutoring Places:

🙂 Big Improvements Tutoring is Better:

Often big groups with 5-6 kids (up to 10-12 kids)
Just like another school class
1 Tutor with 2 children
Learning with a new friend (takes the pressure off)
Use automated computer programs & generic worksheets with little support. We’re people-based. Each child receives individual attention and support from real people.
No worksheets or computers
Focus is geared toward academic outcomes (confidence is low priority). We work on building your child’s confidence in every session. Improved confidence makes learning easier.
Usually don’t offer help with assignments or studying for school tests. We encourage your child to bring in their school assignments & get real help with school tests.
Get help when it’s needed most.

Parents Are Delighted!

Coming from a former D student, this result is amazing – Leah has just received an “A” in her latest Maths assignment. One of the highest grades in her class. Leah is very happy and proud of this achievement. The marked increase in Leah’s confidence, efforts and skills can largely be attributed to the assistance provided by her amazing Big Improvements tutors.

– Penelope (Mum)

Big Improvements has increased my children’s confidence, their Math and English skills.
They now enjoy going to school and are keeping up with the rest of their class.

-Delighted Mum (who feel more relaxed now about her kids)

I cannot speak more highly of Michael and his team. They have given my two boys back their confidence and
self-esteem by teaching them all the things that were missed at school. Thanks!

– T.D. Parent of 14 year old & 17 year old

Meet Our Tutors & Confidence Experts

We’re passionate about coaching and mentoring kids to greatness and we also offer scholastic tutoring in English, Maths, and a wide variety of subjects.

Kate E
‘I find tutoring to be really rewarding, particularly when a student has an ‘ah ha’…
Sam. B
Sam B
‘It’s always possible for kids to get their confidence back and to view themselves more…
‘Seeing the kids believe in themselves and get more confidence is such a joy! I love…
‘I love our tutoring and I love helping kids.  It’s just so exciting to see…

Our happy and confident students say


“I’m proud of myself when I look in the mirror… You just get way better at things and you do it in lots of fun ways as well.”

Brad, Yr 7 (Previously “Class Clown”, but now really tries at school)


“I enjoy coming here is because it helps me at school. The activities are fun, and I get to meet a lot of good people.”

Jordan, Yr 4 (Grown in confidence and now enjoys school more)

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