5 Signs Your Teenager May Need High School Tutoring

JP Gulliver High School, Tutoring Tips

There’s a lot of things that can take a teenager’s attention away from high school. We’ve all been there ourselves and now we want to make sure our kids make the most of their education. If your child is having difficulty with high school, there’s no reason to panic. High school tutoring could be just what they need to get them back on the right learning path.

Here’s 5 signs that your teenager may need high school tutoring.

Avoidance and Excuses

We probably made all the same excuses when we were kids, so they shouldn’t be new to us. If your child is getting bad report cards, they may start making every excuse under the sun to shift the blame away from themselves. The fact is, there could be some very simple reasons for their declining performance. And they may not even know it themselves.

Avoiding work is another tell-tale sign your child may benefit from high school tutoring. Teenagers generally have a lot going on, whether it be part-time work, personal relationships, social activities, sports and other extra-curricular activities. If they’re starting to put all of those things ahead of their school work, it may be time to get their focus back onto study.

Retreating to Games and TV

These days, devices are a common part of a teenager’s life. It’s the way the world is now – phones, tablets, video games, TV. They have their place in our lives, but they shouldn’t be enjoyed at the expense of a child’s education.

Often, the reason children enjoy video games so much is the feeling of accomplishment they get. Players are congratulated for progressing through each stage of the game. A sense of achievement fuels a person’s drive to keep going, and this is why they can be so addictive to teenagers. If they’re not feeling a sense of accomplishment from their school work, it can be tempting to retreat into areas of life where they feel good.

High school tutoring can be a great way to rebuild a child’s confidence and help them enjoy learning again. Regular goal setting and celebrating progress is a great way to make them feel good about school again.

Decreasing Grades and Bad Report Cards

This is an obvious sign, but when combined with the excuses we’ve heard about above, it can sometimes be easy to gloss over grades and report cards. In some ways, it’s natural to just hope things get better. If your child promises to try harder, you’re often inclined to believe them.

Words are great, but making it happen is even better. Why not sit down with your child and plan out the areas they need to focus more on. Ask what might help them do better in certain areas. If you can get to the bottom of why their grades are falling away, it can be much easier to right the ship.

High school tutoring can be a perfect solution. Quality tutoring should provide a supportive environment, structure, and be individualised to suit your child’s specific needs.

Child Won’t Talk About School

This one goes hand in hand with the avoidance and excuses. Parents should always be engaged in their child’s school life. When kids can see you’re genuinely interested and really want to help them, they’re more motivated to apply themselves. As we all know though, the world isn’t perfect and we can’t micro-manage their every move.

The real difficulty arises when your child stops talking to you about school all together. It’s pretty normal for them to brush off the simple question about how their day at school was, but it can be a worrying sign if they’re reluctant to engage in more specific school conversations.

Usually, it’s a sign they’re struggling with their work, and high school tutoring could help them catch up and re-inspire their interest.

Losing Self Confidence

Confidence is the key to so many things in life, but particularly schoolwork. Big Improvements Tutoring focuses heavily on building or rebuilding confidence in students because we know how vital it is. When children lack confidence, it’s often a simple matter of filling in some knowledge gaps and making them feel good about their progress again.

If you notice that confidence slipping, your child would benefit greatly from high school tutoring. When done correctly, tutoring will rebuild that lost confidence by setting goals, celebrating achievements and challenging the student to rediscover some pride in their learning.