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Free Resources

FREE Resources
- Some helpful content to help target & improve your childs learning!

Does your child have Dyslexia?

We created a free online course that gives parents skills and tips to help their own child who has dyslexia. The dyslexia course went ‘viral’ and has been done by parents in at least 15 different countries. Here is a video that will answer a lot of your questions about dyslexia.

How to Tell If Your Child Has Dyslexia by Michael Clark: Dyslexia Improvements

How to improve your child’s confidence

Every day, parents asked us what we can do to help their child grow in confidence.  Here are some videos of tips and strategies to help your child develop more confidence.

How to Massively Improve Confidence in Kids

The Biggest Reason Your Child Lacks Confidence

Discover how to encourage your child

There are lots of different ways to encourage your child. Here are 2 of our most popular videos that we use to help inspire and encourage children we work with.

Encouraging Older Kids

Encouraging Primary Kids

How to help your child recover from Bullying

Recently, we created an online course that shows parents how to help their children recover from bullying. Here is one of the most helpful and important videos from that bullying course.



Bullying Doesn't Define You


When your child “hates” School (or their Teacher)

It’s tough when your child tells you that they hate school or that they hate their teacher. It’s hard to discern between what is truth, half-truth and what is just not true at all.  These videos are to help you understand some of the deeper issues behind what our kids are trying to tell us.

What to do when your child hates school

How do I help my child to love learning (you’d be surprised)

What if my child hates their school teacher

Should my child repeat this year?

Sometimes we chat with parents who feel torn over whether or not their child should repeat. There are lots of factors to consider before arranging for your child to repeat a school year. This video helps you unpack some of the important issues before you start making big decisions.

Should my child repeat? (Controversial)

Talking to my child about their report card


How to stop the ‘Homework Battles’ with my child

About half the parents we chat with describe epic homework battles that happen in their home each week. (You are not alone.) Here are some important tips to help.


Preventing homework battles