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Our Approach
-Every Child is Unique

Identify Missing Skills
and ‘Gaps’

In the first session, we sit down with your child and you (Mum/Dad) to identify where the tricky areas of your child’s learning are. Then, we set about gradually filling in the ‘gaps’ with learning experiences tailored to your child’s specific needs.

Confidence and Self-Esteem
Can Improve

We help kids feel brave to put their hand up at school and ‘have a go’ in class. Confident kids discover that they won’t get everything perfect the first time they try… and that’s okay.

Interactive, Personalized
Support Helps Kids

No worksheets, No extra homework, No pressure. We create individualized, relevant learning experiences. We tap into your child’s preferred learning style because every child is unique.

Friendly, Caring

Children often won’t listen to their parents, but our tutors are committed to being great role models and healthy mentors for children. When your child feels well-known and valued they can look forward to learning in a safe, motivating atmosphere.

Parents Are Listened To
and Supported

Right from the first session (that parents are invited to!), we value and appreciate your ideas and feedback. We give helpful feedback and proactively look for ways to support parents.

Children Love Working
In Pairs

That’s because children find that tutoring is most enjoyable and relaxed when you are working with a friend. One-on-one tutoring makes kids who struggle feel like there’s too much pressure and ‘spotlight’ on them, so we tutor in pairs. We believe that sticking kids in a big group like “old-school” tutoring doesn’t give them as much personal attention as we can provide.

English and Maths (Or Just One
of Them) in the Same Session

Whatever your child needs is what we do. Some kids do a combination of Maths and English. Other children just do English or Maths (if that’s all they are struggling with at school).

Help With School Assignments
and School Homework

We don’t do your child’s work for them, but we’re happy to help students organise their ideas and plan out their assignment drafts. Essay skills are hard, but we break things down into simple steps.

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kids' learning skills (K-12)

We’re passionate about coaching and mentoring kids to greatness and
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