How To Get Your Child Ready For High School – and How Primary School Tutoring Can Help

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Heading off to high school can be a daunting prospect for kids. There’s concerns about losing their old friends, wondering if they’ll make new ones. And that’s just the social worries. If your child is struggling with aspects of primary school work, the transition can be even more problematic. Primary school tutoring could be a great way to help them prepare.

Here’s some ways that primary school tutoring can help get your child ready for high school.

Learning Good Habits (A Recipe For Success)

Half the battle with getting kids back on track with their school work is teaching them the right habits. It may sound strange, but sometimes children don’t understand how to learn. This can be taught though, and a key aim of primary school tutoring is to teach sound learning habits. This could be helping with focus, problem solving skills, and how to celebrate learning achievements. When children learn the best study habits, they’re more prepared for an increased workload in high school.

Build Writing Skills With Primary School Tutoring

There’s a certain set of skills required for the transition to high school, and primary school tutoring aims to build them. When children are preparing to leave primary school, they should understand the differences between persuasive writing, narrative writing and informative writing.

With a higher focus on written work in high school, kids also need to understand how to plan paragraphs from dot points, and be confident in writing paragraphs that stay on topic. If your child struggles in these areas, primary school tutoring can help them prepare for high school.

Build Maths Skills With Primary School Tutoring

Much like writing skills, there are some basics that kids need to be on top of before making the jump to high school. When they get to high school, kids will start exploring far more complex mathematical equations and processes. For this reason it’s imperative they have a strong grasp on the basics to avoid falling behind.

If your child has trouble grasping addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, they may require some extra help. Understanding the methods for simple problem-solving also needs to be a focus, and these are exactly the skills primary school tutoring can help with.

Filling in Knowledge Gaps

Primary school tutoring is all about filling knowledge gaps. As a child advances through school, they need to be grasping the basic concepts taught in every school year in order to understand what comes next. Many times, a child’s struggles at school can be solved by identifying and plugging simple gaps in their understanding.

For example, when students at Big Improvements Tutoring are nearing completion of primary school, a key focus is ensuring they understand the basic concepts required for high school. Having good, broad skills in writing and maths gives children confidence when starting their high school journey.

Limiting Fears and Concerns

If your child listens to everything you tell them, congratulations! You may have superhuman abilities. But if you’re like us mere mortals, it can be impossible to reassure your children when something is bothering them. However, if someone who has been through high school more recently tells them it will all be ok, it’s amazing how quickly they’ll take it on board!

Kids worry about not being able to make friends, fit in and not being able to keep up with the school work. But many of these problems can be smoothed over by working with a tutor. Remember – good primary school tutoring should be pumping up a child’s confidence, and that can go a long way to making them feel comfortable about the transition to high school.

At Big Improvements Tutoring we aim to provide a supportive, confidence-building environment for children to discover a passion for learning. It’s never too early to start tutoring, but it can be especially beneficial if you’re concerned your child is missing some knowledge required for high school. If you think they would benefit from positive, individualised primary school tutoring, click below to book a free session today!