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Personalised Maths And English Tutoring


At Big Improvements Tutoring, our tutors will identify the skills that your child is missing, and areas your child struggles with. Sessions are tailored specifically to fill in 'the gaps' holding your child back so they can apply these newly honed skills to all future work as well.


Tuggeranong/Kambah Tutoring Services

Excellent, Superior Tutoring Services in Tuggeranong/Kambah

There are many various and extreme methods teachers have created over the years for the best way to tutor children. There are ins and outs, things working for some kids and not others, but at Big Improvements Tutoring in Tuggeranong/Kambah, we believe we have the superior way to helping your child improve at school.

Tutoring is often associated with children who have bad grades and handouts or worksheets are seen as the best way to help them improve. At Big Improvements Tutoring in Tuggeranong/Kambah we know children benefit from individualised learning programs, providing children with what they need to improve.

Our tutors are motivated to create relationships with your child and get to know all about them. Big Improvements Tutoring are able to make learning fun again though activities students can relate to. Although some tutoring services provide one-on-one or group tutoring, we believe the 2:1 student to tutor ratio is far superior as your child gets to have the social stimulation of learning with a friend while getting the attention they need.

Give your child the first-rate tutoring for a fantastic educational advantage. Click here or call 02 6242 7725 to book a FREE session with Big Improvements Tutoring in Tuggeranong/Kambah today!

Recieving First-Class Tutoring in Tuggeranong/Kambah

The best teachers are often the ones who have the best relationships with their students. Unfortunately, often teachers at school have too many students or don’t want to understand their students’ best ways of learning. At Big Improvements Tutoring in Tuggeranong/Kambah our tutors work hard in building a relationship with your child to create the best individualised program for them.

Big Improvements Tutoring in Tuggeranong/Kambah is about giving your child first-class tutoring services. Our tutors are not only professional in handling the academic aspect of your child’s tutoring, but we also strive to be a positive role model to your child.

Our motive is to develop a genuine bond between us and your child and to inspire them to enjoying learning and build confidence. Children with high confidence are often positive and high achievers. At Big Improvements Tutoring in Tuggeranong/Kambah we work hard so your child can receive the best possible results while improving for their future.

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  • “I cannot speak more highly of Michael and his team. They have given my two boys back their confidence and self-esteem by teaching them all the this that were missed at school. Thanks!”
  • “Firstly, they have among other things, experience in dealing with kids who have learning difficulties. Secondly, the coordinators are also experienced teachers themselves.”
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