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Our personalised face-to-face online Maths and English tutoring throughout develops students’ skills, confidence, and success - at school and well into their adult life.

Your child is a person with feelings, so we help your child every step of the way. We take out most of the worries and fears of the school shut-down, because we make learning feel easy and fun.

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Big Improvements Tutors in Sydney & Canberra

Personalised Tutoring to help your child develop the essential skills they need to thrive at school.

We create a personalised tutoring plan for your child that fills in the gaps, develops critical problem-solving skills, and teaches them how to apply these skills to their current school work.

Your child will start to believe in their own abilities and strive to achieve more as their confidence grows.

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Supporting Your Child with Online Maths and English Tutoring

Maths and English are subjects which grow increasingly complex as students advance through school. Without a firm grasp of the techniques that were taught in previous years, students can easily fall behind.

We identify and develop the critical underlying skills your child is missing in maths or English. Our proven methods help students develop the gaps in their skill set, be it basic multiplication or algebra; sentence structure or persuasive essay writing

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Here’s exactly how online tutoring works:

Your Child sits down at their computer and they can see our tutor and together your child and our tutor can work on the same screen and create beautiful learning. The technology is similar to Skype or Zoom, but it's better, because it's customised to your child's learning needs. Your child will be learning along-side a couple of other ‘hand-picked’ students and they will quickly become friends. Together, we create fun and games to learn even more effectively than if they were at school. Kids LOVE it!

Students like knowing that their tutor is there to help at any step of the way, and appreciate the interactions while they are learning exactly what they need for when school goes back.

A happier learning environment designed
to encourage a real love of learning

Each child is unique and faces their own challenges at school. We provide a relaxed environment with energetic tutors who tailor their lessons according to what you child needs.

 Individual attention and support

Each child receives individual attention and support.

Learning with a new friend

Learning with a new friend (takes the pressure off)

 Tutoring in pairs

No big groups - we tutor in small interactive groups, ensuring personal attention

No worksheets or computers

Using technology to interact face-to-face with a caring tutor

Homework help

We encourage your child to bring in their school assignments & get real help and school tests.

Build Confidence

We work on building your child's confidence in every session.

Students and parents love Big Improvements

Big Improvements Tutoring
Big Improvements Tutoring
Big Improvements Tutoring

Our tutoring helps primary and high school kids get ‘back on track’ in Maths, English and other subjects.
We’ve tutored 3000+ children in Canberra and Sydney… and we’d love to meet you!

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