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Parent FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
–  For Parents

60 minutes… It seems to be the perfect amount of time for children to concentrate wholeheartedly without becoming tired or bored.

Depends on what your c­hild needs… Most children come once a week for an hour.  Some kids come twice a week or have a 2 hour session each week. About 85% of our students come once a week and that is perfect for them.

No.  We tried that once and it simply did not work well for kids or families. We believe kids need a break on the holidays so they can recharge and be enthusiastic when they come to us during the school term.

Because children love it!  Kids feel more comfortable in pairs than when they are alone. Years ago, we used to work one-on-one with children but the kids didn’t enjoy it.  We believe that one-on-one tutoring feels intimidating and creates too much pressure for most kids, particularly those who struggle.  Also, we don’t stick kids in old-style big groups of 4 or 5 like other tutoring places do, because we want to provide more personal attention to your child.  Learning is fun with a carefully-marched new friend.

Every time you pick up your child from tutoring, we encourage you to come in and have a quick chat with the tutor. That way we can show you what your child has been working on, what skills they are getting the hang of, and what is still tricky for your child.  That’s a lot of helpful feedback!

Keep in mind that we are not the boring ‘traditional’ tutoring that most people imagine. We are fun, interactive, relevant and ‘hands-on’.  Most kids who cause grief at school absolutely love coming to tutoring so we are unlikely to experience poor behaviour that kids might do at school. If your child is struggling to focus at tutoring, we will try a few different things to help, and we will be honest and helpful with parents while we ‘tweak’ things.

We can be flexible for you. If your child is sick, just send us a text message or email before the session, and let us know when a convenient time for a catch up session would be.  If it’s something like a school camp or a family holiday, we just ask for 5 days of notice.

We hope not! We really believe in what we do so we are confident that you will be delighted with your child’s tutoring. We’ll leave the term-based lock-in contracts for other tutoring places. (If your phone company cared as much as we did, they wouldn’t need a lock-in contract either.)

Yes.  We are here to make life easy for parents. Ask us.

Good question… How long is a piece of string?  Usually we see fairly fast improvements in children’s confidence (sometimes literally in a matter of weeks). Improving in academic skills takes longer. Most children experience academic improvements in the 6 or 12 or 18 months that follow. Most parents prefer us to be more focused on building skills than on short-term school results. Building skills for the long-term means that school results will generally follow.

Of course! We’re happy to help out. Whatever your child needs is what we will do our best to help with. Naturally, we won’t do your child’s assignment for them, but we can help your child plan out what to put in their assignment and how to get started and keep on track.  It’s a great way for children to learn.

Not in the long term.  Sure, that approach might be cheaper each week, but you can expect us to get your child results in about half the time that the old way of doing things takes.  That’s why so many kids come to us from other places that just haven’t worked for them.

Why don’t you give separate tutoring homework?