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Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials & Reviews:
Happy Kids = Happy Parents

Most parents who come to us feel really worried for their children. Other things just haven’t worked. Once they see how we help, they often feel so relieved! Here’s what they want you to know about us…

Why Caleb’s Mum is so Proud of Him

Coming from a former D student, this result is amazing – Leah has just received an “A” in her latest Maths assignment. One of the highest grades in her class. Leah is very happy and proud of this achievement. The marked increase in Leah’s confidence, efforts and skills can largely be attributed to the assistance provided by her amazing Big Improvements tutors.

– Penelope (Mum)

My daughter finally said to me the other day “Mum, I’m actually starting to enjoy writing,” so if that isn’t success, I don’t know what is.

– Amy, Mum

Our son was reluctant to see a tutor in the beginning but he enjoyed the first session with Michael and Suzanne so much that he asked to go back. He does not want to miss a session and is always keen to go.

– John, father of 12 year old

I’d like to say a big thank you to Michael and Suzanne from Big Improvements Tutoring. My son has been struggling in reading for years and within a few sessions Michael identified what his teachers had not – that he needed glasses. –Stuart, father of 9 year old

–Stuart, father of 9 year old

Big Improvement Tutoring is great! My children have attended only 6 sessions and love it so far! I have never seen them so happy and enthusiastic about going to tutoring (which in most cases kids would find a drag). Their confidence in Maths, especially, has just grown so much.

-Very happy Mum

Her report came on Monday and there were no D’s like on Semester 1’s report!! Her grades were B for Science, and C’s for the rest including English and Maths which we think is outstanding considering the amount of school she missed.


Happy child

Just want to say thank you for the big improvements my daughter has made this year in your care. In a year of time she has changed her writing from below the national average to be able to present her own research in such a way that the school head commented as ‘very professional’. She wouldn’t have achieved this without your help. Thank you very much!


Watching the tutor at work was amazing! As my son began to gain more confidence, he started to enjoy the experience of reading for the first time.

–G.M., parent of a 6 year old

Thanks for all the assistance your team have given D.J. this year. It has been a great help to him (although being a young man of few words, it has sometimes been hard to know!). He actually doubled his mark in his last maths test – from 14/40 pre tutoring to 28/40 – and was given an academic achievement award for maths.


I cannot speak more highly of Michael and his team. They have given my two boys back their confidence and self-esteem by teaching them all the things that were missed at school. Thanks!


home tutor in Canberra

Their positive tutoring environment gave him the confidence and ability to complete the year successfully and he was awarded ‘most improved student’ for his efforts at school. I am very happy to recommend the team at Big Improvements Tutoring.

-Michael, father of an 8 year old

Damien’s confidence has improved so much that both his teacher and his carer have commented that “he is like a different boy”. “More interactive and involved with class discussions.” Damien firstly has benefitted greatly with this style of tutoring that your service has provided, while Rebecca (who has only been this term) has gained confidence with her maths.
– M.S. who deserves to feel proud of both her kids.

Both my wife and Amir are loving it – so we are all happy. We are getting a lot out of it – so thank you for having such a wonderful and beneficial program.

– J.N., very happy Dad!

I am so happy with the results from tutoring. It has made such a difference in not only his education but his whole attitude, particularly his confidence.

-P.D., parent of Year 10 student


Since our son has been going to Big Improvements Tutoring, he is enjoying his learning more. He is looking forward to his lessons and his confidence has improved a lot.

-Mother of a 12 year old

Firstly, they have among other things, experience in dealing with kids who have learning difficulties. Secondly, the coordinators are also experienced teachers themselves.

-Mum, happy for son

Big Improvement tutoring really is the right choice. We have seen firsthand the confidence and the skills this team can provide a child. It’s honestly very nice to know that we can always fall back on this team of professionals if ever the need arises!

–Dayna, Mother of thriving son

Our daughter really enjoyed working with her tutor and was always keen to arrive and get started each week. For our son, I only wish I had started him earlier as he has lost a lot of ground and he needs to get a lot more focussed to manage his work for Year 8 this year. We are looking forward to starting them back again this year.

–L.D. and C.D.

I am as proud as punch. I also believe that a great deal of his achievements are as a result of the fantastic tutoring he is receiving, teaching him how to learn effectively. I have a changed boy and the most wonderful thing is that he is happy.

–T.S. (very proud mum)

Since my daughter has started tutoring with Michael I have been amazed by her growth in confidence which helps her with her school work. The tutoring environment is very warm and caring and my daughter loves when it is tutoring time.

–Alana, mother of 7 year old

Our 7 year old son has always been a bit slow at picking up most things relating to literacy and numeracy. His school had instructed us to move him out of mainstream and into a special learning unit. We felt this move would not benefit him emotionally. So we decided to find a tutor. That’s where Big Improvements Tutoring came in. Three months on and the change in his literacy and numeracy is out of this world.

-Karen and Brett, parents of a 7 year old

His tutoring has really transformed him into a confident young man. We both really appreciate all that you have done.

-Natalie (Mum of a much more confident teenage son)

Results have just come back from my son’s maths test and he received a CREDIT. He ended up in the top 33%. I am certain his maths greatly improved thanks to the excellent tutoring offered at Big Improvements Tutoring.

-Kathleen, proud mum

Big Improvements has increased my children’s confidence, Math and English skills. They now enjoy going to school and are keeping up with the rest of their class.

-Delighted Mum