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Questions Students Ask

Q&A – Questions That Students Often Ask Us

Not usually. Most students who come to us absolutely love it.  The first time you come, you’ll probably be worried that it will be really boring… But once you’ve experienced tutoring and once you’ve met some of the other students and some of the tutors, you’ll probably enjoy it. Most other tutoring places will give you a bunch of worksheets, but we are not like that.

That depends.  It’s not as hard as school because you’ve always got someone to help you when you feel stuck. On the other hand, everything in life that is worth doing will feel tricky sometimes.  Most students love the way that tutoring makes school feel a lot easier, so it’s worthwhile.

Almost everyone who comes to us improves at whatever they are trying to get better at.  There are ways that you can get the most out of tutoring. Firstly, be honest with us about what is difficult for you at school. We can help make that easier. Also, bring in your assignments and we’ll help you with getting your assignments done.  We are here to help.

No. Absolutely not. We don’t do classrooms. We don’t do worksheets. What we do is way more fun and way more helpful and it just does not feel like school.

No, our students come for only one hour each week.  In fact, it will save you time.  Imagine how much free time you get back when we train you to get your assignments done in half the time.