Tutoring: Expectations vs. Reality

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There’s a lot of myths out there when it comes to tutoring, and some can be true depending on the type of tutoring you choose. If you choose quality tutoring though, we’re almost certain some of those myths can be busted after just one session. It isn’t a quick fix though, and the fact is, tutoring is a joint effort between parents, students and tutors.

Here’s a list of 5 common expectations about tutoring, and the actual reality.

Expectation: Tutoring is a Quick Fix

Many tutoring services will market themselves as a quick fix and set high expectations in order to get your business. The fact is, tutoring is very unlikely to bring instant results. If it does, they may be focusing on teaching answers instead of processes.

Effective tutoring should spend time giving your child the broad skills to succeed in school. Learning how to solve problems, why the work is important, and how to plan and study is far more beneficial to students than just learning the answers to current work.

Tutoring needs to find the balance between teaching fundamental skills and building a child’s confidence in school work. When confidence increases, results will follow.

Expectation: Tutors with the Most Degrees are the Best

There’s no doubting that a tutor or teacher with a big range of degrees and qualifications is an attractive proposition when choosing a tutor. However, being well educated and intelligent doesn’t automatically make somebody a good teacher.

Finding a tutor your child can relate to is integral to success. A good tutor needs to be able to find the gaps in a student’s knowledge, and determine the best way to improve their learning. While you obviously want your child’s tutor to know the curriculum they’re working with, they also need exceptional people skills and the ability to connect with students.

Involve your child in the tutor selection process – you’ll quickly be able to see if they’re comfortable or not.

Expectation: Tutoring Means Doing Less Homework

Many students think attending tutoring negates the need to do homework independently. This couldn’t be further from the truth. During tutoring, children can receive assistance with specific homework assignments, however an hour a week can’t address every piece of work they need to do.

Quality tutoring should also be helping your child to learn effective study and work planning techniques. The best way to put those skills into practice is by working on other homework tasks at home. Especially in instances where tutoring is focusing on plugging knowledge gaps, it’s essential a child’s other work doesn’t fall behind.

It’s also important children don’t become too dependent on having their tutor beside them when they’re working. The skills they learn during tutoring should give them the confidence and skills to start attacking work by themselves.

Expectation: Tutoring is Boring

For many children, the thought of tutoring seems just like an extension of their school day. Unfortunately, group tutoring environments where students gather in a room to work on computer programs and worksheets can be exactly that – an extension of school.

In reality though, if you choose the right kind of tutoring for your child, it can be a fun, individual environment with a tutor they admire. The majority of students we work with at Big Improvements grow to really look forward to tutoring, because of the positive, fun environment we create.

Bland rooms that feel like school don’t inspire a child to learn. Environments focusing on learning in a fun, creative way are so much more effective.

Expectation: Tutoring Won’t Help, and Your Child Will Always Struggle

As parents, we always want to have a positive outlook for our kids. Sometimes, though, it can be easy to slip into a mindset that your child will always battle through school and never achieve much more than D or C marks. Much in the way a child’s confidence can be affected by consistent poor results, so can a parent’s.

This is a complete myth. Your child may seem to struggle every year because they have a few specific knowledge gaps which don’t allow them to advance confidently through the curriculum. Quality tutoring will address those gaps and get children moving forward with their learning.

At Big Improvements Tutoring we work together with students and parents, with realistic expectations. We don’t offer a quick fix or an immediate rise in grades. We offer genuine, tailored learning that will benefit your child throughout their education. If you think your child would benefit from positive, individualised tutoring, click below to book your free session today!