5 Reasons Why Your Child Freaks Out When You Suggest Tutoring

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Everyone needs help when struggling in something they don’t understand, but sometimes not everyone wants that help. Many students have established a negative stigma with the tutoring system. This stigma being that they’re a failing or incompetent student if they need help. Tutoring is about aiding children who need extra help in a positive and productive way, although your child may not realise this.  

Here are five reasons why your child may freak out if you suggest tutoring!

Feelings of Denial

As a parent, it’s important to recognise if your child is struggling and may need extra help in their schooling. Tutoring is a great way to aid your child; although your child may think they don’t need help. Children struggling may associate that having a tutor means they’re not smart. Rather than your child recognising their struggles, they think it’s better to study harder at home and do it themselves. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and it’s important to let your child know that everyone needs help. Tutoring isn’t a form of punishment for bad grades, but about improving and building your child’s confidence in their abilities.

The Mindset

It’s important as a student to work hard, put in effort and always be persistent; but believing in your capabilities is extremely crucial. Struggling students who don’t believe they can excel in school often view tutoring as pointless. At school and in some inefficient forms of tutoring, students often learn from worksheets and not every child will learn by this teaching style.

Students who aren’t productive from worksheets may have the mindset that they can’t learn and a tutor won’t help. Tutoring builds your child’s confidence in their capabilities and fills their studying gaps. Although your child may believe a tutor is a waste of time, a tutor may be exactly the thing they need.

Peer Pressure

At school, your child may be influenced by peer pressure that having a tutor makes them incapable of studying. The thought of tutoring may make your child worry that their friends may tease them for needing help. As a parent, it’s crucial that your child understands that everyone needs help, including their friends. Tutoring aids your child’s confidence to overcome peer pressure and shrug any negativity from their classmates of getting help. If your child’s friends aren’t accepting of your child’s choice, new friends may be needed.

After School Blues

Most students are exhausted after a long day at school from studying and being overloaded with too much knowledge. Rather than working on extra homework, your child may prefer that extra time on television and video games. As a parent, it’s important that your child understands the importance of their school work. Many struggling students may often associate school work and the classroom as negative and discouraging. It’s reasonable for your child to change their environment when studying, and tutoring is a great benefit. Tutoring is made to be a fun and relaxed studying environment. Rather than using handouts and worksheets, quality tutoring should focus on the most productive and fun way to help your child.

The Process

Having a new mentor can be a scary or discouraging thought to anyone looking to improve. It’s extremely important as a parent that your child understands a tutor is a positive helping aid. The right tutor for your child gives them the opportunity to personally know and bond with them. Many struggling students may view tutors as negative, demanding and pressuring. If choosing a tutor for your child, include them in the process in finding a tutor they can relate to. If your child feels they have an opinion, the process will become a more productive, better journey.

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