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Personalised Maths And English Tutoring in Dickson


At Big Improvements Tutoring, our tutors will identify the skills that your child is missing, and areas your child struggles with. Sessions are tailored specifically to fill in 'the gaps' holding your child back so they can apply these newly honed skills to all future work as well.


Dickson Tutoring Services

Affordable Tutoring Services in Dickson

If your child is struggling in school, it can be a worrying time as parents. You want the best for your children, but where do you turn? A student with a couple of bad report cards isn’t necessarily a bad child, but it’s important to give them the help they need before it becomes a problem. Our Dickson tutoring service is here to help.

Everyone needs to pay the rent and keep up with the cost of living, which is why you want to know you’re really getting value for money when you enrol your child in tutoring. Big Improvements Tutoring is an investment in your child’s future, and we believe it’s worth every cent.

Don’t waste your time with group tutoring programs that sit your child in front of worksheets or computer-generated learning programs. They might learn some answers, but tutoring should be giving your child so much more.

Getting Children Back on Track With the Best Tutors in Dickson

We do things a little differently at Big Improvements Tutoring, and the results speak for themselves. Often, children have just slipped a little behind because there’s gaps in their knowledge. Our tutors in Dickson identify and fill those gaps.

Getting questions wrong and struggling through worksheets just damages a child’s confidence even further, and we’re all about building confidence, not knocking it down. iIth our unique 2:1 student to tutor ratio, your child learns alongside another student with similar needs. One-one-on tutoring can be awkward and make kids feel pressured, and group tutoring is ineffective. Our tutors in Dickson give your child the best of both worlds.

Book a free session today, and let Big Improvements Tutoring grow your child’s confidence and enjoy learning again.

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  • “I cannot speak more highly of Michael and his team. They have given my two boys back their confidence and self-esteem by teaching them all the this that were missed at school. Thanks!”
  • “Firstly, they have among other things, experience in dealing with kids who have learning difficulties. Secondly, the coordinators are also experienced teachers themselves.”
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