Looking for a tutoring job in Canberra or Sydney?

Get a tutoring job in Canberra or Sydney that is great fun, challenging and makes a difference in children’s lives.

In both Canberra and Sydney, most of our tutors are at university and it fits in really well with their university work to come and help our kids a couple of afternoons each week. 

You work with amazing people and you make an amazing difference.

tutoring job canberra and sydney

Tutoring job – Locations & Times:

For this tutoring job, there are 9 locations.  We tutor in the afternoons on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, from either 3:30 or 4:30 onwards til 6:30.






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What we look for in a tutor who can transform children’s lives:

  • Amazing people skills – you need to care about the kids and about their parents so much!
  • High ATAR (or equivalent) from when you were in high school
  • Be at least first year university student
  • Have experience with kids somewhere… Even if it’s babysitting or something to get those skills
  • Willingness to go to different locations… Always at one of our centres.
  • Have availability long-term… This is NOT a six-month job. We want people who will be with us at least a year, preferably more.

It’s a bonus if you are strong at maths, or strong at working with little Year 1 kids – they both seem to be areas that we are often looking for staff in.


$28.75-$32.75/hr depending on experience. We try to give you work in 2-hour-blocks.

To apply for this tutoring job:

  • Fill in the form above together with:
    • Your resume 
    • A cover letter.


  • In the cover letter tell us (in a paragraph):
    • Why you want this tutoring job with us
    • Your ATAR/equivalent
    • 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses
    • What your (estimated) availability is in the afternoons and at different times of the year
    • How you heard about this job


  • Which locations you can get to (if you are using public transport, it is trickier for you to get some of them)