Looking for a tutoring job in Canberra or Sydney?

Get a tutoring job in Canberra or Sydney that is great fun, challenging and makes a difference in children’s lives.

In Canberra, most of our tutors are at university and it fits in really well with their university work to come and help our kids a couple of afternoons each week. 

You work with amazing people and you make an amazing difference.

Tutoring job – Locations & Times:

For this tutoring job, there are 9 locations.  We tutor in the afternoons Mondays to Thursdays, from either 3:30 or 4:30 onwards til 6:30.



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What we look for in a tutor who can transform children’s lives:

  • Amazing people skills – you need to care about the kids and about their parents so much!
  • High ATAR (or equivalent) from when you were in high school
  • Be at least first year university student
  • Have experience with kids somewhere… Even if it’s babysitting or something to get those skills
  • Willingness to go to different locations… Always at one of our 5 centres.
  • Have availability long-term… This is NOT a six-month job. We want people who will be with us at least a year, preferably more.

It’s a bonus if you are strong at maths, or strong at working with little Year 1 kids – they both seem to be areas that we are often looking for staff in.


$28-32/hr depending on experience. We try to give you work in 2-hour-blocks.

To apply for this tutoring job:

  • Fill in the form above together with:
    • Your resume 
    • A cover letter.

  • In the cover letter tell us (in a paragraph):
    • Why you want this tutoring job with us
    • Your ATAR/equivalent
    • 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses
    • What your (estimated) availability is in the afternoons and at different times of the year

  • Which locations you can get to (if you are using public transport, it is trickier for you to get some of them)