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How We Work

How we work:
What happens at Tutoring & why it helps so much!

What happens at your child’s first tutoring session?

One of us will meet you and your child at the door with a big, warm welcome. Together, the three of us (Child + Parent + Tutor) will gently look at your child’s strengths and weaknesses to identify the ‘gaps’ in your child’s skills. We’ll introduce your child to some other friendly students and a few of the caring tutors so your child feels right at home. We help your child enjoy their experience and look forward to their next session.

How do future sessions work?

Your child comes to their regular afternoon tutoring sessions at the same time each week, waving goodbye to Mum or Dad. We work on the skills ‘gaps’ we identified in the first session. We try different approaches until we know what styles of learning are most comfortable. We can work from the plan we came up with in the first session, or if your child has school assignments they need help with, we can spend some time working on their schoolwork too. At the end of the session, parents come and get some feedback on how their child went.

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