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Kids’ Testimonials

Kids Testimonials
– Why They Love Tutoring!

Boy LOVES Big Improvements Tutoring

We’re Proud of Brodie (Why we love him)

“I’m proud of myself when I look in the mirror… You just get way better at things and you do it in lots of fun ways as well.”

– Brad, Grade 7 (Used to be “Class Clown”, but now really tries at school)

“I’d fallen behind and my teachers told me I was a bad student and that I was going to fail, so then I came to you guys [Big Improvements] and you turned that all around for me.”

– Kaity (Went from getting D’s to getting A’s, 3 years of tutoring)

“I enjoy coming here is because it helps me at school. The activities are fun, and I get to meet a lot of good people.”

– Jordan, Grade 4 (Grown in confidence and now enjoys school more)

“I used to cheat off other kids in Maths… But now they cheat off me.”

– John, Grade 9 (Used to get D’s and C’s and avoided work, but now gets solid B’s)

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