5 Way to Grow Your Child’s Confidence for Schoolwork

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Everyone should recognise their own potential and self-confidence in what they can do and who they are. Unfortunately, many people lack confidence in their abilities and your child may be one of them. It’s important as parents to guide our children throughout life to be confident in their abilities, skills and work. If your child lacks confidence in their abilities, this may also affect their schoolwork.

Here are five ways to grow your child’s confidence for their schoolwork!

Where’s the Hole in the Bucket?

As a parent, it’s extremely concerning when your child is lacking confidence in their schoolwork. To grow your child’s confidence, you need to work out where the lack of confidence is coming from. A lack of confidence is like a bucket with a hole in it. Many parents think the solution to their child’s lack of confidence is to praise them and it will rebuild. This solution is like trying to fill a bucket with water when the hole hasn’t been plugged. Finding the best way to rebuild your child’s confidence is to find the hole and plug it. Discovering the source to your child’s confidence is the first step to rebuilding and growing it. If you fix the hole, you’ll fix the problem.

Is Bullying a Factor?

Students socialise and play with one another in the playground, but your child may be a victim to a bully. Bullying isn’t just older children picking on younger students, your child’s bully may be a mean-spirited friend. Bullying may be a source to your child lacking confidence as they may be teased or harassed.

It’s important to recognise and listen to any signs your child may be bullied. This may be your child lacking in grades, refusing to attend class or shutting down when you talk about school. As a parent it’s important to approach your child’s bullying situation and solve the problem. This can be by talking to your child’s teacher or school principal.

Life Can be Tough

Life can have many hardships, and almost everyone can go through hard times at one point or another. Tough times can greatly affect adults in the workplace and their workload productivity. Many students may go through difficult experiences influencing their schoolwork. This may be hard times at home, bullying or relationships.

Children experiencing difficulty may feel isolated and don’t want to study. It’s important your child understands life can be tough but to remain positive. If your child doesn’t want to study, encourage them to persevere, push past negativity and let them know they’re not alone.  

Stuck in the Mud

Adults in the workplace who feel silly or lack basic skills in their careers don’t enjoy going to work. Children who don’t understand schooling basics don’t enjoy going to school. Unfortunately in school, many students lack confidence as they’re missing basic skills. If your child is missing a basic skill, they may lack confidence in their abilities and feel stupid.

It’s important to find the basic skills your child needs in order to understand their schoolwork. These skills for your child may be essay writing, reading or solving difficult maths equations. As a parent, it’s crucial to address the skills your child needs and assist them in understanding and learning it.

Tutors Care

Although parents may discover the source causing their child’s lack of confidence, the next step is resolving the problem. If your child is lacking in basic skills, a great solution to aiding them is tutoring. Tutoring helps builds your child’s confidence in their schoolwork and skills. A tutor can benefit your child as they will aim to improve your child’s confidence and develop better results. As a parent, hiring a tutor for your child is a fantastic way to support their learning and growth. Tutors greatly care about your child as their goal is for them to excel and grow in their abilities. Tutors can help fix the hole in the bucket.

At Big Improvements Tutoring we aim to provide a supportive, encouraging, secure environment for your children to learn and discover in confidence. If you think your child would benefit from a positive, individualised school tutoring, click the link below to book a free session today!