Why It’s Easier For Students to Improve in Maths Than You Might Think

JP Gulliver Maths

Maths can be a struggle for children at various points through their education journey, and it can be difficult to catch up if they fall behind. There’s a popular misconception that some kids just ‘aren’t good at maths’, but this is a myth. With the right sort of help, anybody can get back on track with their maths, and good quality tutoring could be the answer.

Here are five reasons that all is not lost if your child is having a hard time with maths.

Help Can Be Found Anywhere

Students can sometimes be hesitant to ask for help, particularly if they’re already lacking in confidence. But the good news is, help can be found anywhere. Make sure you’re child knows that you’re there to help them out with the things they’re struggling with. Sometimes you won’t have all the answers, but it can be great for children to work together with parents to solve a problem.

Also remind your child that teachers in school can sometimes find it hard to give the one-on-one assistance necessary. There could be 30 other kids they need to deal with, so students need to make teachers aware they need some help. Aside from that, peers can be helpful, as well as tutoring for additional help.

The Internet – A New Source of Learning

The internet can be a great source of learning tools for children who are struggling. Even as adults, if we need to know the answer to something we’re probably going to search for it online. Children can have some control over their education in the same way.

It may be they don’t understand a maths process they’ve been working on at school, but they could come across an explanatory YouTube video they can relate to. If it helps them understand some concepts they’re struggling with, why not take advantage of such a great resource. It can also be a great way for you and your child to find answers together.

While it’s an excellent resource, bear in mind the information online isn’t regulated, so it’s important to make sure your child is seeking answers from reputable sources.

Knowledge Gaps Can Easily Be Filled

If your child is struggling with maths, it can be overwhelming for a parent. You don’t know whether they’re putting enough effort in, whether the work is genuinely too hard, or whether they’re simply having a hard time grasping certain aspects.

In many cases, a child’s difficulties with maths could relate to a few simple gaps in their knowledge. It could be some basic principles they didn’t pick up at school, so now the more complex work is even more troublesome. The great news is, these gaps can be identified and fixed with quality maths tutoring.

A maths tutoring service which is truly individualised to your child’s needs will be able to help fill those gaps and get your child progressing through their maths curriculum with more confidence.

A Change in Mindset = A Change in Results

A lack of confidence can lead a child’s mindset to become negative very quickly. Something as simple as a gap in knowledge can start a cycle where they find their work hard and stop trying. This leads to bad results which further damages their confidence and their effort continues to decrease.

Effective maths tutoring should aim to build your child’s confidence. Once that increases, results will improve and there’s more motivation for them to keep putting that effort in. Sometimes they just need a little help to change that mindset, and when they do the results will follow.

Learning in the Right Sequence

Learning out of sequence can create knowledge gaps that make life hard for students. It can sometimes occur if they learn things out of sequence. In maths there isn’t a lot of room for creative answers – it’s pretty black and white. The good thing about that is the answers will naturally follow as long as the fundamental processes are used correctly.

Ensuring that children first gain a solid understanding of addition and subtraction allows them to understand multiplication more easily. From there, division is easier to learn. If things have been taught out of order, it could be as simple as getting some maths tutoring to fill in a few gaps and get back on the right track.

At Big Improvements Tutoring we aim to provide a supportive, encouraging, secure environment for your child to get back on track with their maths. If you think your child would benefit from a positive, individualised private school tutoring, click the link below to book a free session today!