How to Stop Arguing With Your Child About Homework – When to Consider High School Tutoring

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Everybody wants their kids to succeed at school. It’s such a natural wish as a parent that it can be highly frustrating to see your child struggling. Especially when you feel like they’re so capable, if they’d just apply themselves. If you’re spending a lot of time arguing with your child about homework, you already know it’s not a lot of fun. Particularly if it doesn’t seem to be getting results. The good news is high school tutoring could be the perfect option to stop the arguments.

Here’s some of the signs that it might be time to consider high-school tutoring as a fix for those homework arguments.

Avoidance is Taking Over

If your teenager is doing everything in their power to avoid homework, there could be some underlying reasons why they don’t want to do the work. It could be they’re missing some knowledge and they’re afraid of getting everything wrong.

They may not be likely to tell you that, because even with their parents they can feel embarrassed. Try talking to them about what they’re struggling with. The solution could be getting some high school tutoring to build confidence in their work again.

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Conflict at Home is Escalating

It’s never any fun arguing with teenagers about doing their homework. When your evenings are starting to feel more like a battlefield than a relaxing place to spend time as a family, it could be time to consider some high school tutoring.

Tutoring for an hour a week can achieve more than 2 or 3 hours of independent study. It can also give students more motivation to do the work themselves when they start seeing their understanding of school work improve.

Take the conflict out of the home and let a tutor get your child back on track. Without the household warfare!

Child is Hiding Away in Screen Time

When we talk about screen time, we mean video games, television, phones and tablets. The reason kids often retreat to video games is the feeling of accomplishment they gain from it. During the game they’re congratulated for their performance. What’s not appealing about that?

That doesn’t necessarily happen with school work. There’s not always a pat on the back for persisting with a difficult homework assignment and finally getting it done. If your child is hiding away behind screens rather than doing their homework, it may be time to consider some high school tutoring.

Child is Disorganised and Antagonistic

It can be frustrating when your child can’t seem to get themselves organised for their school work. Have you heard the excuses? “I left my homework at school,” and “No, I don’t think that’s due for another week,” when that was the same thing they told you last week?

It’s not uncommon, but often it makes you as the parent to look like the bad guy when trying to keep them on track. This leads to your teenager becoming antagonistic and the arguing begins.

High school tutoring can put special focus on the work your child is currently doing at school. This means they’ll have a responsibility to bring their work to tutoring and encourages them to take more ownership. Once they develop good, organised habits, they’ll have more motivation to get stuck into their homework.

Past Failures Have Ruined Motivation

Picture a singer who goes on stage every night only to wake up in the morning to read the online reviews criticising their performance. It won’t take long for that singer to lose the motivation to keep putting themselves out there.

Kids in school are no different. If their marks have been bad it can feel like the whole world is against them. Their teachers are telling them their work isn’t good enough, and parents are telling them they need to work harder. After a while it piles up and they start to question the value of putting the effort in.

Giving your child some access to quality high school tutoring will be a confidence boost, and once their effort is appreciated, the motivation increases.

You’ve Tried Everything – Time for a Structured Fix

If you’ve tried everything you can think of to motivate your child to focus on their homework to no avail, maybe it’s time for some professional help. It’s not a reflection on you – sometimes it’s just more important to be a parent rather than a teacher.

Take some time off as the homework enforcer, and outsource the work to someone who does it for a living!

At Big Improvements Tutoring we aim to provide a supportive, confidence-building environment where children can get their studies back on track. If you’re struggling to get your teenager motivated to study, now is the perfect time to consider tutoring. If you think your child would benefit from positive, individualised high school tutoring, click below to book your free session today!

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