Helping kids with Aspergers & Autism

Michael Clark Blog

Big Improvements Tutoring cares about helping children who are on the Asphergers and Autism Spectrum, and many of the kids we support are learning with ASD or High Functioning Autism.  We help children get back their confidence and self-esteem at the same time as making school work feel easier.

Help and Support for Children with Asperger’s/Autism

We provide real, genuine support for children with Aspergers, Autism and other Spectrum-issues. Often children come to us after less than ideal experiences at school or elsewhere. We help kids see that they are valuable, unique and they have something to offer the world.  Once children know that we care, everything else becomes easier. Everything we do is tailored to your child, their unique interests and whatever they need to love their learning.

Tutoring Builds Social Skills for Asperger’s/Autism (ASD)

Parents love seeing us help improve the social skills of children with Asperger’s/Autism (ASD).  Because we tutor children in pairs, we effectively create a safe environment where children are learning beside each other, with some safe, comfortable interaction. We are acutely aware that some of the children come to us specifically to build their social skills. It just works! It’s such a joy to see kids who would be struggling at school just thriving with us.