How to Help My Child Enjoy School Again by Finding the Right Primary School Tutoring

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If you’ve made the decision to enrol your child in primary school tutoring, well done! You’re halfway to helping them enjoy school life again. But it’s not just a matter of signing up to the closest tutor you can find. To get real benefits from primary school tutoring, the key factor is the tutor themselves. Choosing the wrong kind of tutor could be more damaging than giving your child no tutoring at all, so it pays to do your research.

Here’s some things to consider when choosing the right tutor for your child.

Making Learning Fun Again (For Better Results)

One of the main objectives of primary school tutoring is to make learning fun. If your child struggles in the classroom environment, there won’t be much benefit sending them to a tutoring service that works with bigger groups. Good tutoring needs to create an environment where children feel safe, comfortable, challenged, and allowed to enjoy themselves along the way. Children get the most out of themselves in a relaxed, fun environment, and that’s exactly what primary school tutoring should provide.

Primary School Tutoring Should Be Individualised

Many tutoring services take a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and this is something you simply shouldn’t be paying for. This is what children get at school. Effective help doesn’t come from being handed generic worksheets and computer programs to work on.

Quality tutoring should be tailored to YOUR child, not other children with different needs. Ensure the tutor can focus on the work your child is actually doing in school, and identify specific gaps in knowledge to build on.

Tutors Your Child Can Relate To

Inside the school system, kids will have a variety of teachers from the recently graduated to the 40-year veterans. The mix works well at school, but for primary school tutoring, students need to be able to relate to their tutors. It can be a difficult balance to achieve – somebody who is experienced enough to command respect, yet still enthusiastic and able to inspire your child.

With that said, there’s no special age or formula for what a tutor should be. They just need to have the right skills and personality to make a connection with your child. Often, you will know best the type of person your child will respond to.

Building Confidence With a Positive Environment

As we know, kids respond differently when placed in different environments. Primary school tutoring should be a fun extra-curricular activity, and the environment should reflect that. For your child to get the most out of their tutoring, they need a setting which is fun and makes them feel comfortable. Children gain confidence when they’re in a relaxed setting dedicated to learning. The kitchen table at home offers too many distractions, but a room set up like a computer lab just stifles creativity. Make sure you find a tutor who offers the right balance.

Long Term Commitment

One of the biggest problems with one-on-one tutoring at home is the longevity of the arrangement. Private tutors are often students themselves, but their lives can change rapidly when it comes to the pressures on their own time. If your child’s private tutor suddenly gets a part time job that stops them from tutoring, you can find yourself back to square one.

Try to find a primary school tutoring service that offers consistency and a long term commitment. Kids can form a strong bond with their tutor and benefit enormously from ongoing tutoring. This means progress can be halted if their tutor is changing every few months.

When choosing the right primary school tutor for your child, these are some of the things you should consider. Tutoring should be a positive, nurturing experience that kids enjoy – not a punishment for slipping behind in school. It should build confidence and teach the skills needed to ensure a productive school life.

We hope there’s primary school tutoring services in your area who do things the right way. Your child should get the most out of their tutoring time. If you’re in Canberra or Sydney and think your son or daughter would benefit from our unique, positive and successful brand of primary school tutoring,  book a free session today!